"What is the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC)?"
The CFC is the only authorized solicitation of employees in the federal workplace on behalf of charitable organizations.

"Why have a CFC?"
The annual fundraising campaign helps to support a variety of health, human, and other services provided by more that 3,500 charitable agencies. This single campaign is the most cost-efficient fundraising method. It succeeds because volunteers from the federal workforce combine their resources for one coordinated appeal.

"Who decides how to spend my donations?"
You! Each donor designates their dollars to meet their interests. You may pick a single cause - or several causes - and apportion your contribution among them in any way you like.

"How efficient is the CFC?"
Campaign efficiency results in more than 87 cents of every dollar collected being distributed to campaign participants. Your CFCís net costs (13%) are among the lowest of all charitable groups, and it is the largest and one of the most efficient CFCs in the nation. This efficiency is achieved through volunteer involvement and the consolidated fundraising concept.

"Why isnít my favorite agency a member of CFC?"
The Office of Personnel Management in Washington, DC regulates CFC. Prior to 1988 there was a "write-in" option but it was being abused, causing administrative costs to increase, so the regulations were changed. Now volunteers from Federal agencies review applications for their compliance with the regulations. Agencies must be audited, produce an annual report, and have a Board of Directors which governs the affairs of the agency.

"Why should I give to the CFC?"
Your gift improves the quality of life for you and your neighbors. You have access throughout your lifetime to the thousands of vital health and social services not supplied, or only partially covered, by government sources. These services stabilize lives, arrest social problems, encourage productivity, and increase the resources and prosperity of the entire community, our nation, and overseas.

"What if I canít afford to give right now?"
You donít have to. Pledge your gift though payroll deduction and spread small payments through out the year. Agency services need your year around support. Deductions donít begin until January.

"What if I lose my job?"
You will not be expected to continue your pledge payments during your period of unemployment, nor are you responsible for your remaining balance.

"What if I work seasonally or on a temporary basis?"
You may still contribute to the CFC with a one-time gift by cash or check. Of course, if you use payroll deduction it will only be deducted during the period you receive your paycheck.

"Who checks on the money to make sure it is properly spent?"
The CFC Local Federal Coordinating Committee, comprised of Federal personnel who volunteer in this capacity, reviews agencies for compliance with the criteria stipulated in the CFC regulations; i.e., ensuring they are nonprofit, audited annually, etc. No additional review of an agencyís budget, apart from the review given by entities either governing the agency or establishing conditions of affiliation, is made, thus you must be familiar with the agency you designate. The Combined Federal Campaign PCFO is audited annually by an independent auditor to ensure that designations have been honored. The PCFO also provides independent confirmation of designations to independent auditors on behalf of CFC agencies and federations as requested.

"How do I know my money really gets to the agency I designate?"
By regulations, all designations must be honored. A yearly audit is performed to verify this. In addition, check the block on your pledge card to have your name released to your favorite charities.

"How can an organization get listed in the Charity List?"
If the organization serves the local area, they should call the CFC Office in January at 609-267-4500 to request an application for that year. If the organization is national or international, they should call the Office of Personnel Management at 202-606-2564 for an application.

"What is the benefit of payroll deduction?"
Through payroll deduction, a specified amount is withheld every payday and continues throughout the year. This is convenient and easier on the budget. Payroll giving often makes a crucial difference in campaign results as they are usually more substantial than cash gifts.

"How do I know the charities participating in the CFC are legitimate?"
The Local Federal Coordinating Committee (LFCC) evaluates each charity applying receive designations from local CFC contributors. Each local charitable agency must meet the following requirements, as defined in federal law and OPM rules and regulations:

  • Organizations must certify that it provides or conducts real human health and welfare services, benefits, assistance or program activities.
  • Organizations must provide a letter from the Internal Revenue Service recognizing it as tax-exempt under 26 U.S.C. 501(c)(3). Organization must provide a completed copy of its IRS Form 990.
  • Organizations must demonstrate that it has a substantial local or statewide presence, which must include a staffed facility or office available to the public seeking its services.
  • The organization's local facility must be open at least 15 hours per week and have a telephone number exclusively dedicated to the organization.
  • Organizations with an annual budget in excess of $100,000 must submit an audit report in accordance with generally accepted auditing standards.
  • Organizations must certify that it has no expenses connected with lobbying and attempts to influence voting or legislation at the local, State or Federal level.
  • Organizations must be directed by an active and responsible governing body whose members have no conflict of interest and a majority of which serve without compensation.
  • Charitable agencies on the national and international lists are reviewed annually by OPM according to the appropriate federal laws, rules and regulations. For further information, see 5 CFR Part 950.

"What is a Federation?"
A federation is a group of voluntary charitable human health and welfare organizations established for purposes of supplying common fundraising, administrative, and management services to its members. Each federation is listed with its member organizations as the first organization. If you wish to designate all or some portion of your contribution to a federation, please record that federation's corresponding code number on your pledge card. Contributions designated to a federation will be shared in accordance with the federation's policy.

"When is the CFC campaign?"
In this CFC the campaign period is from 1 Sep to 15 Dec. Within that time period there will be a multitude of campaigns lasting from one day to the entire period. This allows each federal agency in our campaign to choose a campaign time frame suitable to their size and the operations they are experiencing. The LFCC has stated they want each federal agency to have the maximum flexibility possible to conduct their campaign.

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