How It Works

This year, many local, national, and international voluntary agencies will benefit from your thoughtfulness and generosity. A few minutes of your time today can mean meals for hungry children, relief for families in need of counseling, further work on cures for diseases, comfort for the dying, access to water in the Third World, environmental protection, and better lives and renewed hope for millions of people in our global community.

You control where your gift will go.
All Federal employees have the right to contribute or not to contribute to the CFC. The choice is yours. Through your designation, you ensure that your donation goes to meet those needs that you feel are most important. You may indicate your choice by designating in the boxes provided up to five organizations. Except for documented expenses for the operation of the local CFCs and uncollected pledges, all contributions are distributed as designated. Each Local Federal Coordinating Committee, comprised of federal employees, must approve and monitor these costs.

Please do not designate any organization not listed in this brochure. Write-ins are prohibited and cannot be accepted. If you desire, you may donate to the CFC anonymously by placing your confidential gift in a sealed envelope. For contributors who prefer not to designate a specific agency or federation, undesignated gifts will be distributed proportionately to all organizations that received designated gifts.

Payroll deduction lets you help all year long.
Payroll deduction is your key to substantial giving by letting you spread your contribution across the entire year. Last year, more than 90% of all CFC funds raised was given through payroll deduction. Payments on payroll deduction pledges begin on the first pay period in January. Because there is no simpler way for you to make good things happen for so many people, payroll deduction ensures your continuing role in the care and stewardship of your community and your world.

OPM provides CFC oversight.
The US Office of Personnel Management makes the final decisions on all charities eligible for the National List. It also is the final administrative level for appeals on national and local applications, provides guidance and technical advice on regulations, and has the authority to conduct compliance audits on any CFC fiscal records.

The Local Federal Coordinating Committee (LFCC) is our "Board of Directors."
The actual decisions regarding the inclusion of agencies in your local campaigns rest with the LFCC. The LFCC is composed of Federal employees from many federal offices, post offices and military bases. The management of your local CFC is by your colleagues in Federal service within the provisions and policies established by OPM.

The Principal Combined Fund Organization (PCFO) manages the CFC.
Every year, the LFCC selects one of the voluntary organizations involved in the CFC to manage the campaign and serve as fiscal agent. OPM sets strict requirements for this role. Annual audits are required of the PCFO by an independent CPA.

A proud record of low fund-raising costs.
Through the outstanding oversight efforts of the Federal employees on each LFCC, less than 13% of the funds raised locally are spent on printing materials, training volunteers, and auditing contributions.

Because this cost is so low compared with other fundraising campaigns, every dollar you pledge goes a very long way toward helping others.

The voluntary spirit of giving is guaranteed.
Remember that any contribution you make should be freely given. You have the right not to be improperly influenced in making your decision regarding the making or withholding of contributions in the CFC. Coercion is forbidden.

In order to guarantee this voluntary spirit, the Office of Personnel Management has identified several practices that are not permitted, including but not limited to: supervisory solicitation of employees supervised; setting of 100% participation goals; providing and using contributor lists for purposes other than the routine collection and forwarding of contributions and installment pledges; establishing personal dollar goals and quotas; developing and using lists of non-contributors.

Civilian employees who wish to register complaints about coercion should consult with their personnel offices; military personnel should contact their commanding officers.

How do Federal employees decide which charities to list in the catalog?
Charities applied either at the national or local level. Charities with documented programs in fifteen states or a foreign country or several parts of a foreign country applied directly to the Office of Personnel Management. Only those agencies certified by OPM are listed in this brochure in the "National/International Agencies" and the "International Agencies" sections.

Local charities that help residents in their area or adjacent counties applied to the LFCC, the "Board of Directors" of our campaign. The local charities listed under the heading "Local Agencies" have met OPM requirements for local eligibility.

If you would like more information about the finances, services, benefits or programs an organization provides, you may call the organization directly at the telephone number provided in the Agency Listing or visit their homepage, if available.

Contributions, less uncollected pledges and the LFCC approved administrative costs, are remitted at regular intervals by the Principal Combined Fund Organization in accordance with CFC regulations.

Special notice regarding donations of $250 or more
A Federal employee who makes a one-time (cash, check, or money order) contribution of $250 or more and those who make a payroll deduction contribution of $250 or more each pay period to the CFC should contact the local Principal Combined Fund Organization (PCFO) or Agency Coordinator to determine if additional verification of the donation is required by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). This will not affect the tax-deductibility of the CFC contribution.