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Federal Employees have choice in pledging....


CFC-EEX (Employee Express) offers employees in specific agencies the choice of making a CFC payroll deduction pledge on-line through CFC-EEX.

Employee Express is a convenient, user-friendly automated system that gives employees direct control over key payroll and personnel information with out having to use forms or visit a personnel office.

CFC-EEX is not mandatory for CFC pledges. CFC-EEX is another option for the Federal donor in agencies using EEX (if your agency has signed up)!


CCFC NEXUS is an online E-Pledging system designed specifically for the CFC community. All employees are eligible to contribute through the CFC Nexus system. A one-time sign-in is required for all participants. To access CFC Nexus log in to our website and follow the link or go to

myPayThe Department of Defense DFAS (Defense Finance and Accounting Service) myPay Website allows US Military personnel and their families to manage their pay information, leave and earning statements, W-2s and enter their CFC pledge amount. Click here for your Workplace Address code.

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